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It is not only a jeans! It is fashion & function!                                                                       Light reflection neon - stitches make your life safer & give you visibility!

KMK jeans...the Original

Idea and beginning


Great inspiration can happen every minute! So I woke up one morning in 2015 with an incredible idea!


Did I dream it? Not sure, but yes, it was definitely an inspiration at this very moment.


I had a clear vision!  

As the parent of a 9 year old daughter – who actually was our most important inspiration – I had the idea to create jeans

for children which would provide both: FASHION & FUNCTION


A security function provided by striking neon-colored seams and light reflective stripes should give children visibility and safety.

Imagine children on their daily routes to kindergarten and school… How much safer would their life be if they would be recognized

by others – especially vehicle drivers – much earlier in twilight and at night!


Unique, very useful and at the same time lively and stylish were the first positive reactions from family & friends.

And until today in 2017 just everybody with whom I have shared my vision provides positive and enthusiastic feedback!


And there is more to come! KMK jeans…the Original are receiving high attention during club sessions in the best nightlife locations

around the world. The neon-colored seams and light reflective stripes are creating high attention and give special visibility and focus

- especially in nightlife with applied blue light. KMK jeans…the Original - give you visibility!


KMK was designed to be unique and different to all existing denims. KMK jeans are a world novelty and innovation in the world of denim!

European and worldwide patent application were launched by the Patent Office in Munich, Germany.

The worldwide market launch is being prepared now and introduction will be aligned with marketing initiatives at the POS and online.


The KMK brand represents the combination of FASHION & FUNCTION in outstanding, stylish and fashionable denim styles!

KMK stands for excellent fabrics, sophisticated workmanship, upscale accessories and delivers the ultimate fit!


KMK jeans…the Original - they provide a safety function & give you visibility!


Renata Wagner

CEO & Owner



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 


 KMK Jeans Adds a Hot New Modern Flair to a Timeless Classic


A German based fashion design company introduces their hottest new product via the ‘KMK jeans...the Original’… the team at KMK needed to bring their creative new patented designer jeans to market.


New York City, New York (April 02.2017) – Renata Wagner, the founder and CEO of KMK Jeans the Original will bring the company’s fun new designer jeans to market soon. KMK jeans the Original has revamped a classic item in everyone’s closet, and made them more fun and exciting by using light reflective stitching. These jeans not only promise to become the hottest new fashion trend, but the light reflective stitching adds a creative new safety feature for the wearer. In fact, it was Wagner’s concern for her own daughter’s safety that was the inspiration behind this idea. She states, “As the parent of a 9-year-old daughter, who was our most important inspiration, I had the vision to create creative jeans for kids which besides the fashion aspect, could also provide safety. This was my most important priority”. It has proven to be a truly inspired idea; because KMK jeans are fun, original and unique. For this reason, the team was granted a design patent in 2016 by the patent office in Munich.


Many school-aged children go to school, or come home in low visibility because of the dark or overly gray days. Even in the summer, most children like to play outside until after dark. Parents want to keep their kids safe, but also need to allow them to be kids and have some independence. KMK jeans the Original offers a win-win solution: fun designer jeans that kids will love, with reflective stitching that increases visibility, as well as a stretch waistband with magnetic closures. These jeans are not just for kids though, and are being made for all ages from young children up through adult men and women. They offer the wearer a hot new designer look with a fun edge, promising to be the “must have” fashion staple for everyone, whether hanging out with friends and family, socializing at the latest club, or enjoying a summer barbecue by the lake. The company plans on keeping the jeans fresh and modern by offering a limited edition design every year.


The team has been working very diligently on all of the essential groundwork for their new jeans and they are now ready to begin the process of bringing KMK jeans the Original to market. They are sure that they will bring the first 1000 pair of jeans, so they can work toward making them the hottest new fashion trend on the market today.


About KMK Jeans:

KMK Jeans the Original was founded by Renata Wagner in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Originally created as a way to keep her young daughter safe, KMK jeans was designed to stand out from all the other jeans that exist on the market today. KMK style stands for daring and timeless trendy fashion.



To contact via email write to Renata Wagner at: kmk@kmk-jeans.com

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KMK.jeans.the.Original

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KMKJEANS



Jeans sizes 

Adjustable waistband with magnetic closures - Inch 18 - 23, Age 4 - 9

  • Inch Size Kids            18 - 23 (Age 4 - 9)          
  • Inch Size Teens        24 - 30 (Age 10 - 16)       
  • Inch Size Women   25 - 33 (L 30, 32, 34, 36, 38)     
  • Inch Size Men           28 - 40 (L 30, 32, 34, 36, 38)